Rich, Leonard Director
Milanovich, Michael Principal
Shaffer, PJ Technology Director
Dudich, George Head Custodian
Clem, Beth Cafeteria Manager

Banner, Evan Collision Repair
Barker, Matthew Math
Brown, Julie Science
Cepro, Jodi Cosmetology
Cole, Ken Commercial Art
Conder, Susan Business Math
Cozza, Leah History
Cwynar, Maryann Nurse
DeSimone, Amanda Learning Support
Discello, Emily English
Gabriel, Lee Computer and Office Technology
Gerhardt, Margy Librarian
Gettings, Juliet English
Goebel, John Auto Technology
Heasley, Lisa History
Kolodziejczak, Elizabeth Physical Education
Lynch, Morgan Guidance
Lyons, Melissa Intro to Algebra and Consumer Math
McVicker, Lyn English
Miller, Kurt Machine Tool Technology
Montini, Pete Electrical Occupations
Neve, Nick Social Studies
Nych, Ryan English
O'Donnell, Valerie Health Assistant
Orelli, Ernest History
Ovial, Anthony Learning Support
Parsons, Jay Oil and Gas
Pasterik, Donna Science
Pavia, Vince Health Assistant
Petronelis, George Welding
Price, Jennifer Restaurant Trades
Seminara, Robert Construction Trades
Shaffer, PJ Technology Director
Simon, Justin Physical Education
Sperdute, Gary Masonry
Tuminella, Mary Jean CO-OP
Vanasco, Tiffany English
Weisenstein, Christina Math
Windhorst, Brad Science/Math
Yanak, Ariel Veterinary Assistant
Young, Renea Learning Support

Cook, Rose Instructional Aide
Haynes, Maria Instructional Aide
Houk, Donna Instructional Aide
Kegel, Kirby Secretary
Kolodziej, Nancy Business Office
Lynch, Morgan Guidance
Mangino, Janine Secretary
Marino, Billie Jo Instructional Aide
O'Brien, Tim Instructional Aide
Peay, Ann Secretary
Rylott, Dana Guidance Secretary
Sipe, Karen Secretary
Sumner, Lenore Instructional Aide
Tuminella, Mary Jean CO-OP